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The Productive Bee 200wToday on Remodeling Business Blueprint we’re going to talk about the secrets that make the production process – just work. Recently I had a conversation with a remodeler about project management, going over all the key points that make handling a project both easy and lucrative. Later that day I was commenting to my wife about the conversation, and she immediately suggested making a podcast about this. In the last podcast, #44, I went over the Sales Process and how to conduct a successful sales visit and close the sale. So moving on to production is a logical next step. I hope you enjoy it. Here’s the overview of today’s podcast. [click to continue…]


Making a Sales Call at the Prospective Client’s Home

[A partial transcript:]

A complete step-by-step how-to on selling remodeling services to homeownersProcesses make every successful business more efficient and profitable. These systems and processes are the backbone of any great business. For business owners they create the path to growth, to succession, and a successful retirement. Good processes allow virtually everyone more freedom on some level, but they especially help owners and management run the business in the best way possible.

This business truth is not hard to see or understand, but deciding what processes should be made a part of your business, recording them, and then distributing the information is much more rare, especially in smaller companies. [click to continue…]


In this episode of Remodeling Business Blueprint we explored The 9 Secrets to Maximizing & Managing Your Gross Profits – How QuickBooks Job-Costing Can Transform Your Profits and Your Business! It was my privilege to once again have Diane Gilson of Info Plus Accounting back on our show. She covered the top 9 ways you can use job-costing to increase your gross profits. This episode is an incredible opportunity to learn how to make transformative and lasting changes in your productivity, accountability, financial confidence, and the amount you get to keep as profit from each and every job. [click to continue…]


End of the year financial reviewToday on Episode 42 of Remodeling Business Blueprint, David and Randall talk about some of the things you should review at the end of each year in your sales, production and marketing efforts. These metrics are priceless. They will simplify your budgeting and planning for the next year, and bring you real peace of mind. [click to continue…]


Today on Remodeling Business Blueprint David and Randall talk about why you need to have an excellent website, crucial things that should be included in your website, and how to improve your website’s look and drive more traffic to it.

A good website is extremely important to your business. Websites aren’t a trend or fad. Your web presence is here to stay, and you need to [click to continue…]


Whether you’ve been in the remodeling business for many years, or are thinking about starting up a remodeling company, this episode of remodeling business blueprint will give you a heads-up on many of the obstacles you may run into and how to fix them.

There’s no doubt, remodeling can be a challenging career choice, but it’s also very rewarding and can pay you pretty nicely, as well as create a nice life for you, your family, and even your heirs, if you choose.

I hope you enjoy this episode.


One of our best episodes yet!

Diane_Gilson_-_Build_Your_NumbersThis is a crazy story about contractor X and how everything in his business pointed to great profitability, yet at the end of the day, the money wasn’t in the bank. In fact, there what was left was a big number, written in RED. He was losing money and doing it fast, the problem was, he didn’t know how he was losing it, where he was losing it from and worse, how he could fix it! Perhaps you can relate?

Contractor X’s problems are actually very common in the construction industry, and luckily, relatively easy to fix too.

In this episode of RBB with expert Construction Accountant Diane Gilson, we’re going to explain how it is possible to run seemingly profitable jobs but to still wind up losing money.

Diane gave us some mind blowing examples that will show you exactly what your “True Costs” of contracting are and how to get your margins where you need them to be.

You’ll also discover:
Why putting your employees on overtime isn’t as big of a cost as you may think
How to accurately decide how much an employee is really costing you
How to determine if you can add benefits and how much you can add
And much more.

Listen to this episode closely and rewind if you have to, you won’t want to miss a second.


More from Diane Gilson – Build Your Numbers 

Labor Burden Calculator


Easily Add Innovation To Your Remodeling Business

steve_jobs_quoteSteve Jobs once said: “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”

If you’ve listened to many of the Remodeling Business Blueprint podcast episodes (and, I hope you have), you’ll no doubt know, Randall and I agree with this statement.

The truly wonderful thing about living in this time that we do, is  we don’t have to be another Steve Jobs, Einstein or Edison to apply innovation to our businesses. [click to continue…]


universal remodeling designUniversal Design – In this episode, Randall & David talk about Universal Design – why it’s important that you use this in every design, what Universal Design is, and how you can start using it in your home, and all your future designs.

In this week’s podcast episode:
[click to continue…]


the home remodeling design processRemodeling Design Process Part 2. In this episode, Randall & David talk about steps you should take to have a successful design, the first presentation, material selection, and presenting the final design and proposal. This is Part 2 of 2 of the Design Process. If you missed the first part, you should listen to it first as it will give you the foundation you need to take action and succeed with part 2. You can listen to it on Episode 35

In this week’s podcast episode:
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