greg antonioli discusses remodeling job costingIn this episode, Randall & David talk with Greg Antonioli of out Of The Woods Construction about job Costing – managing time cards, collecting cost codes, and examining job cost reports. How you can get superior results with better cost code tracking, and what you should do with the reports you generate.

In this week’s podcast episode:

00:15 Remodeling job costing with Greg Antonioli
01:33 Who is Greg Antonioli?
03:35 Why is job costing important for Remodelers
05:00 Is it really your money?
05:50 Greg’s job costing process
07:36 Software for job costing
09:27 How do employees keep track of cost codes?
10:41 OBM gives incentive to track time costs
13:26 The Job Autopsy
15:50 Key metrics of The Job Autopsy
17:35 Benchmarks for Greg’s design build firm
18:20 How to get started with job costing
19:33 What’s needed for proper tracking?
21:25 Greg’s advice for you…
22:40 Want to Ask Greg A Question? Click Here
23:44 Greg will be back to show us his Open Book Management method and how it’s greatly improved his remodeling company.
24:47 This weeks Person of Interest
27:45 App of the week

Episode Person of Interest (POI) is Jay Willans of JW Construction & Design Services, a Naperville, IL. based design-then-build firm.


App of the Week: Drafts – Capture and Share Almost Anything