Embracing Change For The Good Of Your Company, Randall & David talk about why it’s important to embrace change, why we fear change, what change can do for your business, and how to create a company culture around change.

In this week’s podcast episode:

01:30 Today’s topic
02:18 The definition of change
02:47 What Charles Darwin had to say about who will survive in the future
03:44 Change is a constant
04:00 New ideas can bring radical change
06:00 A wildly crazy law
07:14 What you may experience to get the reward of change
08:00 Reasons we may fear change
09:20 How to get past the paralysis of analysis
11:44 What’s the best you can receive from change?
13:45 Status
14:50 Are you stuck in a comfortable routine?
15:30 Living in the present and looking forward to the future
17:00 Company culture, staff, and change
17:50 Adopting a forward-looking mindset
18:56 Teaching change
20:00 Forward change creates winners
20:36 Person of interest
22:40 App of the week

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Episode Person of Interest (POI) is Terry Hurt of T. Hurt Construction, an Omaha Nebraska. based Custom Home & Remodeling firm.


Catherine Pratt’s website: www.Life-With-Confidence.com