the home remodeling design processRemodeling Design Process Part 2. In this episode, Randall & David talk about steps you should take to have a successful design, the first presentation, material selection, and presenting the final design and proposal. This is Part 2 of 2 of the Design Process. If you missed the first part, you should listen to it first as it will give you the foundation you need to take action and succeed in part 2. You can listen to it on Episode 35

In this week’s podcast episode:

01:00 Luxury renters are coming into the remodeling industry
03:00 The remodeling industry has a bright future
03:30 The Home Remodeling Design Process (part 2)
03:55 What was covered in part 1
05:30 The drawing process – the fast start method
07:00 Beginning with an “as built” design
09:46 Remodeling Design Software
10:28 What can software do for you?
11:20 The proposed design
12:06 Designing and removing load bearing walls
14:11 Incorporating custom storage as added value
14:40 Why stay in touch with your customer
16:03 Using collaboration software
17:30 Designing with a budget in mind
18:28 A disastrous example of not knowing the budget
19:46 The sequence of presenting the home design
21:00 Building value as early as possible
22:24 Selection of building materials
26:01 The specifics for the final remodeling design
28:00 Estimating the remodeling project
30:59 Remodel plan template best practices
31:58 Printing of your remodeling plans and who needs copies
32:52 Final design presentation
36:24 Price, payment schedule and STOP!
38:06 Wrapping it all up
39:12 This weeks person of interest
41:21 App of the week

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Episode Person of Interest (POI) is Graeme Huguet of My House Design & Build, a Vancouver Canada. based remodeling and custom home design-build firm.

Video – The My House Design & Build Team 


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