In this episode Randall & David talk about using construction change orders as a remodeler – how to charge the right amount, how best to get paid, and how to ensure fewer change orders in the first place and a basic template you can use.

In this week’s podcast episode:

00:27 Episode introduction
01:20 What using change orders will do for you
02:20 The first step
03:34 Difficulties in using Change Orders and how to charge
06:35 Why Change Orders are incredibly important
07:43 Using Change Orders for credits
08:16 Presenting a change order
10:00 Verbal change orders leave you exposed
10:45 Getting a change order signed on the fly
11:45 How to get paid for change orders
10:01 Construction Change Order template basic components
13:49 Should you use an administrative fee?
17:30 How to reduce change orders and make more money
18:26 What if your clients budget won’t cover a change order
20:26 Congratulations to this weeks Person of Interest
23:10 App of the week
26:15 Leaving comments

Episode Person of Interest (POI) is Greg Antonioli of Out Of The Woods Construction, an Acton, Ma. based construction company.