In today’s episode David & Randall are talking about search engine optimization and answering questions about how it effects contractors and best practices you can use to get your website found by the customers who are looking for you online.

In this week’s podcast episode:

00:52 Why David is qualified to talk about this subject
01:40 The goal is to getting your phone to ring
02:23 A term you need to know
03:12 How to target specific people and their phrases with your website
04:21 How to find out what phrases are beneficial to get your website found for
05:31 How to choose useful keywords to target with your website
06:38 What does ranking for a keyword or phrase actually mean?
07:15 Why getting your website to rank higher is important
08:30 Free Google listings for businesses are beneficial
09:21 Why Google Places (now Google+) is important for businesses targeting local customers
10:31 What does optimizing a website actually mean and what’s important to know to get the best results
13:30 Where most people make mistakes
15:06 Search engines depend on structure
15:50 What is a sitemap and why is it important?
17:21 Submitting sitemaps
18:39 Measuring your website’s activity with Google Analytics
20:30 Unique website visitors
21:42 What is your bounce rate?
24:30 How to fix a high bounce rate
26:20 Does the speed of your website matter?
27:50 What should the goal of your website be?
29:56 The purpose of this episode
30:16 What is a back-link and why is it important
31:18 Person if Interest (POI)
33:43 App of the week

Episode Person of Interest (POI) is Owings Brothers Contracting, of Baltimore Maryland.


Google Webmaster Tools
Google Analytics
Website sitemap submission links:
Yahoo & Bing

App of the WeekDuolingo – Free language education for the world