In this episode, Randall talks with Greta Jensen of TSheets about how to track time spent on jobs more efficiently, how to set up cost codes, and how to improve your job costing procedures.


Greta Jensen of TSheets

In this week’s podcast episode:

00:25 Todays topic
00:37 Who is Greta Jensen?
01:54 The importance of accurate timecards
02:58 Are you missing out on billable hours?
03:57 What small inaccuracies cause
04:22 What is TSheets?
09:24 How do you log time with TSheets?
11:11 Is this for small companies too?
12:06 TSheets integrates with Quickbooks
12:32 What’s the difference between the Android & Apple app?
13:50 Crew mode
14:40 Can an employee track their time?
16:29 Can time codes be switched throughout the day?
17:22 How administrators can accurately track what is happening in the company
18:55 Creating efficiencies in your company
19:38 How much does it cost to use TSheets?
20:49 How to calculate your saving using a program like TSheets
21:44 $4576 Saving from automation
22:50 The Freelance account for single person companies
23:26 How to get started integrating with Quickbooks
24:52 Easy updates from Quickbooks to TSheets
26:12 Exporting to Quickbooks to save time
27:05 How to get a live demo of TSheets
28:30 Hear a story about a TSheets customer using rocks as time cards
29:30 How to get in touch with TSheets – (Also in resources below)
30:20 This weeks person of interest (POI)
31:31 App of the week
32:45 Wrap-Up Notes

Episode Person of Interest (POI) is Abe Degnan of Degnan Design Builders of DeForest Wisconsin.


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