In this episode, Randall & David talk about expecting and preparing for the unexpected.

In this week’s podcast episode:

00:44 Randall is writing a book for consumers of remodeling projects
01:44 David’s friend contract his own electrical project
03:01 Not to be outdone David reveals he’s writing a book for contractors and trade businesses
04:19 Why expecting the unexpected is necessary
05:15 How to eliminate or reduce the chances of the unexpected disrupting your business
05:34 How this episode came to the forefront of importance for the RBB team
07:14 How you communicate is key
09:54 Using project management software to improve communication
11:01 How David easily communicated with his clients
11:34 Cash-flow to the rescue
13:00 A payment system to keep your cash-flow strong
13:43 About the Scientific Remodeling System(TM) payment system
16:23 Running an efficient remodeling business
16:54 Keeping your sales funnel full
17:35 Being consistent with your marketing
18:04 Empowering employees
19:44 Cross-training staff
22:17 Setting up systems and educate staff
22:48 This weeks “Person of Interest” (POI)
25:47 App of the week
27:26 3D printing is coming to the construction business fast
28:33 David’s prediction for the 3D printing future
29:18 3D printers are very affordable already
30:26 Episode wrap-up

Episode Person of Interest (POI) is Mike & Patty West of West Construction, an Avon Lake Ohio based remodeling & design company.


– Basecamp
– Teamwork Project Manager
Scientific Remodeling System Membership Options

– App of the week – Tinkercad

West Construction Process video: