Proper preparation after receiving a lead will not only make you a more confident salesperson, it will also give you insights into your prospective customer that can help you close the sale.

In this week’s podcast episode:

01:15 David has been asked to remove a businesses information from all online sources
02:32 Randall talks about reinventing yourself
03:45 Best Practices when receiving a lead
04:09 Answering the phone
05:23 Scripting the call with a lead sheet
06:20 Researching the prospect before the first meeting
08:44 Tips for searching a prospect online
09:08 Setting the initial expectation
11:00 Showing you are a professional
11:36 Location of first meeting with the prospect
13:00 Giving a ballpark price can save you time
14:59 Finding your prospects budget
16:00 Advantages of prospects visiting your office
16:52 Signing a design retainer agreement
17:40 Preparing for the visit
19:01 Setting yourself up to be the expert
20:30 Mentally preparing for the transition into the visit
22:09 Person of interest (POI)
25:26 App of the week
26:33 The #1 podcast David listens to each week
27:20 About the Stitcher app

Person of Interest (POI) is:  Mitchell Newman of Stratagem Construction of Chicago


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