In this episode, Randall & David talk with Greg Antonioli about the remodeling business sales process, how to make it better and how Greg achieves 90+% repeat and referral sales.

In this week’s podcast episode:

00:45 Selling your services
01:01 Greg Antonioli with Out Of The Woods Construction is todays guest
02:30 What type of clients does Greg target
04:01 Reasons to reject a job or clients
05:00 It’s all good
05:34 Getting 90+ of repeat and referral business
07:03 Developing referrals is a focus
07:45 How Greg “asks” for referrals
09:01 Handling issues to make the client more comfortable
09:40 Keeping up with clients after the job
12:00 Making clients feel like part of the inner circle
13:44 What remodeling sales process do you follow?
15:38 Get the prospect to do some talking
16:47 How about giving free estimates?
18:05 Now you can value engineer if you need to
18:29 What is a feasibility study?
19:48 What was one of the best improvements you’ve made to your sales process
20:41 Distinguishing yourself from your competitors
23:07 We’re all still small business people
24:06 Sales is not about coercing the client
24:50 Walking away from a bad job
25:26 Click here to email Greg Antonioli
26:24 This weeks Person of Interest (POI)
29:09 The app of the week
32:52 Wrap up