hit_the_remodeling_big_timeIn this episode, Randall & David talk about how to gain the most value from every meeting, attend seminars how to implement what you’ve learned when you get home or back to the office, and even how to profit more from this podcast or anything else you listen to or read.

In this week’s podcast episode:

02:19 Hitting the big time
03:04 Increasing business and sales by applying filters to the information you consume
04:16 How to apply the before, during and after method
05:53 The most unclear item for most businesses
07:10 How to get clarity in business
09:19 What do you expect in the during period?
10:02 Compounding the effect in the after period for maximum gains
12:48 Where you can use this idea this year
13:56 Return on your investment
16:58 Remodeling shows combining for a better experience
18:09 This weeks Person of Interest
19:49 App of the week
23:19 Randall taking us home


App of the week – Asana task management