In this episode, Randall & David talk about how to gain more fans on Facebook, but mostly about how you can build a list of people who have visited your website, and how to market directly to them through Facebook.

facebook ads pixelIn this week’s podcast episode:

02:41 Today’s topic benefits of gaining Facebook fans and how to use Facebook to strongly market your business.
03:54 Your customers are on Facebook
04:01 What does Facebook know about your customers
05:05 7 Million people on Facebook like home improvement
05:35 Who is the highest percentage of prospects who have shown an interest in Home Improvement
06:00 Why you should get Facebook likes for your business
07:11 An example of how one business grew her fan base
08:51 Make posts look consistent
09:00 Your posts don’t always have to be your own
10:41 Why posting questions is beneficial
11:24 Why posting pictures is crucial
12:30 Post and upload directly to Facebook
13:45 Don’t post through third-party apps like HootSuite
15:00 Facebook insights to see what your fans like, when they post, what they post, how engaged they are with your posts and how engaged they are with your competitors.
16:31 Targeting prospects with Facebook ads
17:15 Why having people liking your business
17:56 Why you should consider advertising on Facebook
20:16 Custom audiences for targeting ONLY interested prospects
24:56 Remarketing and custom audiences allows small companies to appear and compete with much larger companies
26:50 What are the basic steps to set up a remarketing campaign
28:30 Should you build an email list of prospects?
32:30 This weeks Person of Interest
37:41 App of the week
43:00 How to listen to these podcasts at 1.5x speed


App of the week: Sanebox email organizer
Quirky Momma Facebook page – Click here
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