disruptive technologies in the remodeling businessIn this episode, Randall & David talk about why the smartphone is truly disruptive technology – how it’s taken over industry after industry – leaving them in the dust, and at the same time bringing real convenience and efficiency to the world.

In this week’s podcast episode:

01:57 Eagle View to measure a roof (link below)
03:45 For roofers and exterior contractors
04:53 The amazing smartphone technology
06:23 The most important function
06:48 New health case for iPhone
07:25 Virtual visitation on the rise
07:54 Some of the apps and abilities of your Smart Phone
09:00 Tracking fitness
11:28 Instant recording of most anything
13:00 Pictures and books in your pocket
14:20 Audio books, music
14:30 Podcasts
14:45 iTunes, Google Play and more integrating with vehicles
16:00 Easy voice transcription
17:30 Making presentations and sharing
17:54 Letters, documents and contracts
18:36 Working remotely
19:29 Smart Phones as a level and angle finder
21:22 Drawing and recording
22:18 Podcasting with mobile devices
23:30 Control your website
23:48 Note taking and conversation recording apps
25:12 Making music
25:44 Identify music, songs and recording artists
26:30 An entire reference library
28:20 Changes going to effect the construction industry
29:21 Social media access
29:30 Smart phone automating life
31:20 Keeping up with sporting events
33:01 Trends with smart phone and tablet usage
33:45 This Weeks Person Of Interest
37:39 Shout out to a listener & how you can listen to older episodes
38:55 Would you like to be a guest on the Remodeling Business Blueprint Podcast

Episode Person of Interest (POI) is Joanne (Jo) Theunissen of Howling Hammer Builders, Inc, a Mount Pleasant, MI. based Custom Home & Remodeling firm.

EagleView Technologies Roof and exterior home measuring software

EagleView Roof Diagram Example: Click Here