Using a presentation book on your first visit with your prospect helps keep you focused, sets you apart from your competition, helps show your prospect you are a professional and a company worth doing business with.

In this week’s podcast episode:

01:02 Randall stays out of trouble
01:20 David is hit with a problem he has to react to
03:43 The value of a presentation book
04:18 What to include in your presentation book
06:11 How to present your presentation book to prospects
08:00 Is a presentation book good for every prospect?
08:48 Another way to use the presentation book
09:50 Randall & David talk about prospects who want to design their own remodel
11:29 Working with Architect drawings
12:40 Designs that are not up to par
13:38 Back to presentation books and more to include
14:30 Using too many pictures can be a mistake
15:12 The biggest point of a presentation book
15:51 How David uses a split presentation book
17:22 How to be remarkable in your prospects eyes
18:29 Person of Interest (POI)
21:21 App of the week
26:00 How to become the Remodeling Business Blueprint Person of Interest or become a part of a show

Person of Interest (POI) is:  Chris Dirks with Bradford Homes Remodeling of Kansas City at


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