how to create an elevator pitchDoes your Elevator pitch really sell like you want it to? Randall & David talks about how to create the perfect elevator pitch – how a great elevator pitch can set you apart, get others interested in your services, and a couple of formulas that will help you come up with a great pitch.

In this week’s podcast episode:

00:50 State of the economy
02:20 Today’s topic
03:00 Why you need a great elevator pitch
04:50 When to use elevator pitches
05:42 What an elevator pitch should not be
07:40 What are prospects looking for when they ask…
08:10 WIIFM?
08:29 How do you develop a great elevator pitch?
11:00 Why should they care?
11:45 5 Steps to a great elevator pitch
13:49 An example of an excellent elevator pitch
15:00 Randall’s elevator pitch formula
15:50 Scientific Remodeling System elevator pitch
16:39 David’s elevator pitch formula
18:22 Randall’s experience creating an elevator pitch on the spot at a communications class
21:46 This weeks person of interest
23:53 App of the week

Episode Person of Interest (POI) is Dave Anderson & Scott Clouse of Redo Remodeling, a Dallas Tx.. based Remodeling firm.


Elevator Pitch Formula’s

Randall’s: The formula becomes: I help a specific type of prospect who has a specific problem achieve/get a specific result in a certain amount of time/with/without a specific (in)convenience. Do you know anyone who might be a prospective client?

David’s: We help [this group of people or businesses] do [benefit of what you do for them] so they can [result of your product or service].