relationships_for_a_better_remodeling_businessBuilding strong Business Relationships. In this episode, Randall & David talk about relationships – why they are important to us, and how to make the most of every relationship we have.

In this week’s podcast episode:

01:10 Today’s topic
03:24 Why relationships are very important for your business
04:21 What can you do for them
07:09 Staff & co-workers
07:50 Inspectors and officials
10:43 A detailed view of relationships
11:41 The more you know the more opportunity to make a sale
12:14 Clients & Leads
14:20 Communicating with customers and prospects on a budget
15:14 Retaining customers for a 25-100% profit increase
15:45 Repeat customers spend 67% more and cost less
15:55 Perceived caring to retain 68% more customers
16:25 Making clients a cost free sales force
17:24 Sneak peak at next weeks episode
18:14 A turkey has to leave
18:31 The tried & true newsletter
18:53 This weeks Person of Interest
22:00 App of the week

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Episode Person of Interest (POI) is Robert Berg of Foster Design Build, a Chicago, IL. based Design Then Build Remodeling firm.


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