open book management overview for remodelersOpen Book Management For Remodelers, Randall & David talk with Greg Antonioli about how you may want to consider open book management for your remodeling company to get better results and accountability from employees and overall make your remodeling business better.

In this week’s podcast episode:

01:18 Welcome back to Greg Antonioli
01:54 Greg’ overview of what open book management is and how it makes his remodeling company more profitable
06:00 Sharing the scoreboard with the people who can most affect your businesses score with customers
08:18 Does it cause employees to come up with cost saving ideas?
09:16 Avoiding snipers with school busses driven by Nuns
10:54 Getting employees to appreciate your business
12:28 OBM to make equipment last 10 years longer or more
14:10 Understanding the importance of trade offs in business
14:30 Working less while making more money as a business owner
15:50 Making employees and new hires accountable
17:46 Acquiring the best talent
18:27 Rewarding employees
19:28 The job autopsy
20:37 Getting employees to “buy in” to proposals and estimate numbers
21:56 Timeline of reviewing job reports
22:53 Creating an intuitive understanding of what to do to be profitable
25:15 Running a better company to get better subs and sub contractor relationships
26:33 Advice from Greg if you’d like to try open book management for your company
27:26 The Great Game Of Business (linked below)
28:41 Letting go for better personal benefit
29:42 Your number of working hours as a choice
31:30 Don’t treat your employees like mushrooms
35:28 Employees may quit in the beginning stage
26:39 Are you running a Country Club for Carpenters?
37:40 One of the scariest prospects of going open book
38:40 Rumors will start – making sure they are true and based on facts
39:28 Contact Greg Antonioli – Click here
41:35 Getting employees to understand what it’s like to be the owner
42:26 This weeks Person of Interest
48:05 App of the week

Episode Person of Interest (POI) is Francisca Alonzo of AV Architects + Builders, a Great Falls, Va based Architectural and Building firm.


The Great Game Of Business By Jack Stack
Open Book Management Conference
App of the week – Fancy Hands – Get your time back