universal remodeling designUniversal Design – In this episode, Randall & David talk about Universal Design – why it’s important that you use this in every design, what Universal Design is, and how you can start using it in your home, and all your future designs.

In this week’s podcast episode:

01:32 Universal Remodeling Design makes things more safe and usable for everyone
03:10 Is universal design the same as ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act)?
04:30 The Center For Universal Design established the 7 principles of universal design
07:50 C.A.P.S. Designation
09:20 How to start using universal design
09:50 Can you use your elbow?
11:20 Lighting design and safety
13:00 Door openings
15:15 Designing showers and sinks
15:50 Cabinetry
16:50 Comfort height toilets
18:25 How many receptacles should you use
20:20 Swing doors for ease, use, and better look
22:00 Exterior design
25:00 Laundry area
27:00 Person Of Interest (POI)
31:00 App of the week

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Episode Person of Interest (POI) is Lance McCarthy of ReTouch Design-Build an Overland Park, KS. based Remodeling firm.


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