Easily Add Innovation To Your Remodeling Business

steve_jobs_quoteSteve Jobs once said: “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”

If you’ve listened to many of the Remodeling Business Blueprint podcast episodes (and, I hope you have), you’ll no doubt know, Randall and I agree with this statement.

The truly wonderful thing about living in this time that we do, is  we don’t have to be another Steve Jobs, Einstein or Edison to apply innovation to our businesses.

The truth is there is so much innovation out there right now, all you really have to do is: piggy back your innovation off what’s already out there. It’s being done in every industry and the predictability we used to be able to mathematically tell the future with, is a thing of the past.

What we’re left with, without predictability is chaos, this can be scary or you can use it to your advantage.

In this episode of RBB, Randall and I are bringing you some innovative remodeling products you can add to your business. Applying these is exciting, fun and lucrative.

I remember my adrenaline pumping as Randall and I took down those temporary walls after removing a load bearing wall in the basement of a three-story home. Scary? yes, invigorating? yes, profitable, very! Because most remodelers said it couldn’t be done, there weren’t too many competitors bidding on the job.

You’ll stand out from your competitors and make more money because most of them are afraid to do anything new. Your customers will love you for it, and their friends will want access to the innovative remodeler who just built that incredible space.

Listen to this episode now and while you do, think about how you might be able to use these products to be the innovative remodeling company in your area.