Today on Remodeling Business Blueprint David and Randall talk about why you need to have an excellent website, crucial things that should be included in your website, and how to improve your website’s look and drive more traffic to it.

A good website is extremely important to your business. Websites aren’t a trend or fad. Your web presence is here to stay, and you need to come to grips with that. Your website is the ultimate marketing tool, so use it as such. There has never been anything like it. It’s a multi-purpose marketing tool. It can contain company news, marketing campaigns, conversion tracking, event calendars, pre-sale information, and team collaboration. Your website is always at work for you, generating business in the background while you take care of new leads and projects. So get to work. Improve your website and let the good times roll.

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Here are the key points of this episode:

  • Why do you need a top-notch website?
    • The importance of websites today
    • Did you know that 85% of local buyers consult the web before buying?
    • A good website validates your business
    • You don’t exist if you don’t have a website
    • Your website increases you “trust factor”
  • What makes up a good website?
    • It looks good
    • It’s easy to navigate
    • There is a logical layout
    • The navigation bar makes sense
    • It’s easy to read
    • Your site contains interesting topics
    • Has lots of good high quality graphics
  • How can you improve your website?
    • Add more graphics
    • Use a large graphic header
    • Possibly have a slideshow header
    • Make it easy to contact you
    • Put contact information in multiple places
    • Use a lighter background
    • Make it easy to navigate and view your photo albums
    • Have a lot of pages
    • Don’t try to put everything on one page
    • Multiple pages will increase your SEO ranking
    • Use wider pages – narrow websites are outdated
    • Use large fonts for your headlines
    • Use graphics in your sidebar
    • Put videos on your site
    • Testimonials are key to conversions- have a testimonial page and sprinkle testimonials  throughout your pages and posts
    • Make your content skimmable – On average, only 28% of a page is read
  • More tips to improve your content and readability
    • Choose an easy to read font and typography
    • Use large fonts
    • Make your content easy to understand
    • Bold key points
    • Make your content concise
    • Use sub-headlines frequently in your content
    • Use bullets and lists – this keeps the readers attention longer
    • Use white space generously – use space between your text and the edge of the page, and between headlines, sub-headlines, and paragraphs
    • Show your processes, preferably on a dedicated page or pages showing the various procedures that you use
    • Explain your processes using clear, concise steps – don’t overly detail
    • Make sure that you are accurate and not describing a process you don’t follow to the letter
  • More graphics make a better website
    • Make your buttons appealing, attractive, inviting, and understandable. 
    • Make it clear what will happen if they click the button.
    • Use good graphics for the button background
    • Experiment with different colors
    • Make your buttons large and use large text on or around them
  • What will happen if you improve your website?
    • You can expect more traffic
    • You’ll have a better public image
    • You’ll have higer conversions
    • Selling and persuading will be easier – your website has already done the preliminary preparation, which means less work for you
    • Higher profits – people will expect to pay more from a company with an expensive look

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