In this episode, Randall & David talk about blogging for remodeling contractors. What is a blog? Why you need one, what to write in it and how to profit with it.

In this week’s podcast episode:

00:21 Randall could be twins?
00:41 Todays topic
03:00 Be consistent
03:30 Blogging is important and a commercial asset
05:50 Static pages vs. blog posts
06:30 Why you need a blog
07:45 Get expert status
08:20 Targeting keywords for Google
09:00 Uses for contractor’s blogs
10:45 What to write on a contractor blog
11:57 The all important “Know, Like & Trust”
13:15 Keeping a running list notebook
14:10 Blogging for profit
14:59 Google wants to help local businesses get found online
15:55 Making offers
18:37 Person of Interest (POI)
20:44 App of the Week

Episode Person of Interest (POI) is David Supple of New England Design & Construction, a Boston, Ma. based design-then-build firm.


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