In this episode, Randall & David talk about remodeling business job descriptions for company staff – Why they’re necessary, who needs them, how to write them, what can happen if you do not use them, and when you’ll be glad you have them.

In this week’s podcast episode:

00:40 Randall is blogging
00:52 Windows XP is expiring in April 2014
01:50 David tours Chattanooga Bakery (Moon Pie)
03:08 Remodeling staff job descriptions
03:58 Why you need to create job descriptions for a remodeling company
04:31 It’s not in my job description
04:55 Giving staff clarity
05:12 Which positions should have a job description
05:45 Using job descriptions to grow the company
06:30 Basic outline for remodeling company staff job descriptions
07:58 Creating a professional image
09:24 Lead carpenter job description example
12:39 Remodeling sales person job description example
15:41 Creating job description for sub-contractors
17:19 Confusion and other issues that occur when job descriptions are not used
18:20 Reducing accidents with job descriptions
19:36 When you’ll be extremely glad you’ve created job descriptions
20:15 Selling and/or merging a remodeling company
21:18 Person of interest (POI)
23:18 App of the Week
25:50 Review the show and leave us a comment at the bottom of this episode page
26:32 Getting help writing staff job descriptions for your remodeling company
27:00 Be our next person of interest

Episode Person of Interest (POI) is Frank Buraski of Buraski Builders, a Springfield, Il. based remodeling company.