Kudos to Owings Brothers Contracting. They were recognized as the Person Of Interest (POI) in Remodeling Business Blueprint Episode 14 and ran with it like you’d expect a true

professional to do.

They listed the episode on their website for their customers (and potential customers) to see (see what they did here…Owings brothers Spotlight) that they were recognized as leaders in the remodeling field and even took a clip from the show recognizing them as that weeks POI.

Being recognized by other industry professionals and highlighting it on their website not only gives them superior status with their customers and prospects, it also gives good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) value for their website, helping them rank their site better and get found by even more customers.

From every marketing standpoint this just makes good sense.

We recommend every guest on the RBB podcast follow Owings Brothers lead – Use these tactics to maximize the marketing benefits for your business.​