In this episode, Randall & David talk with Dan Baumann of Chief Experts about why a design-then-build remodeling firm can be a great profit center, different types of design-build remodeling companies, how you can improve your design process, and we get into a specific CAD program that can really make you stand out from the crowd.

In this week’s podcast episode:

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Dan Baumann of

00:50 What David did for his birthday
01:44 Randall introduces this weeks episode
02:21 Who is Dan Baumann
02:57 What you’ll learn from Dan
04:12 A little bit about Dan and how he became a sought after residential designer
05:12 Why is Design-Then-Build a good platform?
06:54 Charging for design services
08:18 Closing ratios for remodelers
09:19 By selling design first Dan qualified his best prospects
12:02 How Randall locked prospects into doing business with him
14:05 What are people charging for average kitchen and bath designs?
17:16 What CAD programs are popular in the remodeling industry right now?
19:00 What Dan likes about Chief Architect
21:49 Transforming a remodeling company from struggling to a strong beneficial business
22:51 Should you use an in-house designer or sub-contract designer
24:10 Getting conceptual ideas together
24:29 When should you delegate work
26:04 Where to find people to design for you
26:55 More tips to improve an existing design-build process
27:28 A Great tip for measuring a house
29:03 Dan’s drawing process
30:39 How Randall process for measuring for a remodeling design
31:29 How taking lots of pictures can reduce liability
32:43 What can do for you
34:50 Can you use Chief Architect straight out of the box?
35:55 How to get better and more efficient with Chief Architect
36:39 Making anything with a slab in Chief Architect
38:14 Making odd objects with Chief Architect slabs
40:12 A unique presence at the builders show in Las Vegas
41:47 The Remodeling industry is improving
43:03 How to contact Dan Baumann of
44:10 You deserve to be paid for your professional service
44:45 This weeks Person of Interest (POI)
46:48 App of the week
49:29 Episode wrap-up

Episode Person of Interest (POI) is David Miller – D. R. Miller Design Build of Hartville, OH. Who does 5.7 million in revenue with just 4 staff members?


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