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A Process for Everything

I’ve known Randall for many years… Early in our friendship I noticed he had a process or a system for everything in his business. He was extremely successful and never seemed to be scrambling like I felt I did at times. I began to implement his system in my own business and ran a successful, much smoother remodeling business for many years using his methods.” D.H. – Hawke’s Home Improvement.”

Getting Paid Everything You Are Owed

We have used the ‘Getting Paid 100% of the Time’ payment schedule on our last two sizable projects. Really like it. No problem getting a check each week from clients….really helps cash flow.” KSD and AJC – DunCora Construction Service


Scientific Remodeling System

“Processes are not optional – there are just good ones and bad ones;
written guidelines, or wasteful ones that everyone makes up on their own.” Randall S. Soules

Scientific Remodeling System is the easiest way to improve your entire business. Using the Sales, Production, and Marketing systems in our proven system, you,like many others, will advance your business, raise your profits, and improve your life.


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