the home remodeling design processRemodeling Design Process Part 1. In this episode, Randall & David talk about the remodeling design process. In Part 1 of this 2-part series on the Design Process we’ll touch on selling the design, what you should cover at the signing of the Design Retainer Agreement, collecting their criteria, the first design visit, and preparing to start your drawings.

In this week’s podcast episode:

05:28 How long are people researching online before they buy a whole house remodel, kitchen or new siding.
06:52 What your prospects are looking for
08:38 Part 1 of the remodeling design process
10:00 Why offering a one-stop shop works for you and your customer
10:45 The initial consultation
11:42 Delivering the ballpark quote
12:53 Pricing your design
13:17 Remodeling Design Retainer Agreement (DRA)
15:04 Pricing and payment schedule for your design
16:35 Setting your customers expectations
19:45 Setting expectations of the first design visit
21:50 Noting special conditions of your customer
22:57 Reviewing the design schedule
23:12 Collecting needed criteria
24:54 What to do if you want to make money and close jobs
26:40 Selling safety features
27:56 Preparing for your first design visit to the home
30:30 How much should your design include
32:32 The home design measuring process and taking pictures
34:55 What to measure
37:40 Assembling the data you’ve collected
38:00 What you’ll get in part 2 of the home design process
38:57 This weeks person of interest
41:46 App of the week

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Episode Person of Interest (POI) is Dale Contant of Atlanta Design & Build, an Atlanta, GA. based Remodeling and Design firm.


Werner 2 step ladder mentioned in this episode