In this episode, Randall & David talk with Barry Abbott who is an exceptional construction attorney in Chattanooga Tennessee about methods and strategies contractors can use to protect themselves from litigation no matter what part of the country you live in.

In this week’s podcast episode:

barry_abbott__cavett_and_abbott_construction_attorney_chattanooga_tn00:55 What is a contractors biggest liability
01:43 Barry Abbott Of Cavett & Abbott, PLLC Introduction
02:47 Barry has construction in his family and understand contractors
04:48 The biggest issue that causes contractors to need to hire Barry’s firm
05:32 What at a minimum should be in a Remodeling contract
06:40 What is the contractor’s duty for clarity of the project?
07:52 Case study of how a bad contract caused a large dispute
09:13 The importance of payment terms
10:42 Ways to help protect you against litigation
12:06 A big contract issue
13:36 Changing the completion date
14:18 Customers get unhappy quickly with dates
14:31 Licensing issues
15:20 Tennessee cracking down on licensing
15:50 Unlicensed contractors limited to recovery of out of pocket expenses
16:42 What happens to unlicensed contractors?
17:15 What is a misappropriation of construction funds
17:47 Pulling permits under someone else’s license
18:08 Letting someone pull permits under your license
18:21 Case study of permits being pulled under another license
19:40 Exceeding your contractor’s license limits may cause you to be viewed as unlicensed
21:27 What if you exceed license limits with additional changes
22:22 What to do if you get a project that exceeds your limits
23:23 Your clients Right of Recession
25:55 Some good practices for contractors
31:33 Person of Interest
33:28 App of the week
36:45 Get in touch with Barry Abbott
37:48 Preview of next weeks episode

Episode Person of Interest (POI) is Rhonda Burgin of Burgin Construction, Inc. an Orange County California based construction firm.


– Barry Abbott Contact Information:
Phone: 423-265-8804