In this episode, Randall & David talk with Beth Van Deusen about Independent Home Design as well as how contractors can work with designers and retain control of drawings and the project.

In this week’s podcast episode:

home designer in chattanooga tn

Beth Van Deusen

01:25 Episode Introduction
01:55 Independent Designer Beth Van Deusen of Van Deusen Design
02:55 What you’ll find at
03:40 The Process of Van Deusen Design
05:52 How does the Contractor keep the customer from taking the design to another contractor?
10:00 What happens when a lead comes in?
13:45 How clients see the design
16:04 The measuring process
17:30 Material selections
18:10 How to communicate the costs of a new design-build project
19:36 What would you recommend other designers do to improve their businesses?
22:06 How can a contractor add the design element to their business?
25:24 Words of wisdom from Beth
26:46 This Weeks Person of Interest
28:55 App of the week
32:47 A glimpse into next weeks episode


Van Deusen Design
– App of the week – Reflector

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