david hawke & Randall Soules host remodeling business blueprint podcast

Soaked, After A Rogue Wave Surprises Randall & David

Websites and email lists are two powerful methods of generating leads and sales. This week Randall and David discuss this and why they started this podcast.


In this week’s podcast episode:

01:10 What’s the purpose of this podcast?
02:24 Who is David Hawke?
05:25 Who is Randall Soules?
08:14 Critique of www.HawkeRemodeling.com
10:44 How to list your contact information
11:50 What Google says
12:20 Navigation bar inclusions
13:50 Do use testimonials to sell your service?
15:30 Using “White Board” videos to inform prospects
17:14 Don’t let your ego design your website
18:39 What to place on the side of your website
20:50 What Google wants, to rank your website
22:18 How to use email marketing
23:00 An easy way to get a sale
24:37 How to automate email marketing
29:00 This week’s POI

Episode Person of Interest (POI) is Warner McConaughey of HammerSmith, an Atlanta Ga. based design-then-build firm.


Email automation software – GetResponse