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Are you looking for an easier way to run your remodeling business, or for a way to make the business that you have more profitable? Are you struggling to catch your breath, to find the time it takes to build your company, and to eliminate the hassles that come with this business?

What would your life be like if you could have more time for yourself and your family? What if you could get things done the way you really intend for them to be done?  What if all your customers were happy at the end of the job, and paid you in full every time?  What would your business be like if it was always in the black? How much better would your company be if it had almost zero callbacks? What would all that be worth to you?

Osteen 100w“When Randall asked if I’d be interested in writing a testimonial on what his Scientific Remodeling System course has meant to me and how I’ve benefited from it over the past several months, I was happy to do so. I sat down to quickly detail what I’ve learned from his course and how it has already (I’ve had the course about six months now) helped me to make my business easier to run, more efficient, and more profitable. As I was writing, I realized that I’ve benefited not only from Randall’s course, but from him personally as well. Randall clearly has a commitment to teaching and a willingness to share what he’s learned from his years of experience in this business.

Absolutely the course is great and worth ten times what I paid for it.
I was able to read through the lessons and immediately apply what I had learned to my own business. In many cases, Randall’s Scientific Remodeling System showed me what I was doing wrong and how those mistakes were costing me money. Other lessons gave me insight to different strategies for managing customer relations and getting to a more profitable contract quicker and more easily than I had ever done before. I’m confident that the insight he shares on advertising is worth the cost of the course alone. I feel certain that my business is better known and has greater credibility now because of what I’ve implemented from his course.

I started this business on my own from a love of building and working with my hands. I’ve often wished that this had been a family business I was able to take over. Had that been the case, I would have had a mentor to help me grow instead of having to go out and “reinvent the wheel” as I think I have done several hundred times now. Even though I love the work, I realized quickly that I had a great deal to learn about running a business. 

I’ve been running Osteen Construction now for over ten years and I learn something about my craft every day. I’m glad that I still have much to learn but, that said, I’m confident that having crossed paths with Randall has been instrumental in the recent growth and success my company has experienced. The Scientific Remodeling System Course has been a huge part of that success. Apart from that training, having access to the information on and being a part of has played a role as well. Finally, I feel certain that Randall has been personally invested in my success.

We’ve met for coffee a few times and I get a kick out of watching his face when I’ve told him about my projects.
He clearly understands what I’m working on. Often he’s told me to watch out for this or that potential problem and, sure enough, I’ve been able to sidestep a mistake because he was willing to share his time and experiences with me as a friend.

I wholeheartedly recommend that any builder interested in growing a successful business invest in the training and knowledge you can get from Randall Soules. It will help you build a solid company that forges great customer relationships, delivers a quality product, and raises the standard for all other construction companies out there. The more we all work to do that the better off we all will be.”

Kevin Osteen
Osteen Construction

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As my own remodeling business began to evolve I started to focus on reducing and eliminating all of these headaches. I hate hassles and I hate callbacks. I like my projects to go smoothly and according to plan, which is rare with remodeling jobs. So I started developing an innovative and simple-to-use remodeling system – a system of processes that defined problems and created long term solutions.

It took over 30 years of trial and error to get where I am now. Plenty of time to tweak and perfect the system. During that time I taught a lot of my associates how to improve their remodeling businesses. I enjoy helping others improve their lives, in any way that I can, which led to the creation of the Scientific Remodeling System – a system created to help you advance your business to the next level, demonstrate how you can make better use of your time, and raise your profits so that you can grow your company. In short, a system that will help you reduce your stress and give you more free time to enjoy life now, not sometime in the obscure future.

“All wealth is based upon systems.” Dan Kennedy, author and marketing coach

Processes are the answer to putting your company on cruise control.  But not just any process. One that has been proven to work and is not overly complicated. The simpler the better. A good process makes your life easier, not harder. You’ve got enough on your mind already.

Time after time I hear the same stories; countless tales of woe about the difficulties and challenges of running a remodeling business.

Do any of  these sound familiar to you? 

  • There aren’t enough hours in the day.
  • I’m too busy to even think about marketing.
  • Sometimes the phone doesn’t ring for weeks.
  • I spend too much time estimating jobs, then don’t get the job.
  • I get a lot of  tire-kickers who just want a price.
  • I write great proposals and then they say they’ll think about it.
  • I can’t charge for estimating. I’d never get a job.
  • I have a great job. I’m free to do anything I like in the 80 hours I work each week. 
  • This job used to be fun. Now it is just a lot of stress and bother.
  • I’m carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. 
  • People just don’t understand why they need a plan drawn up.
  • Why can’t my crews work like I do?
  • My crew never gets as much done as I think they should.
  • My cash flow stinks.
  • My customers are always complaining.
  • I’m constantly losing money on change orders, or not getting paid for them at all.
  • My customers never pay me on time.
  • The trades are always late.  If only they would stay on my schedule.
  • The competition is killing me – so many guys are working out of their trucks.
  • I can’t pay for insurance and compete against the low-ballers.

Those are just some of the many problems you can eliminate by following the Scientific Remodeling System. Each problem has a solution. Solve it once, record the process, and never repeat the same mistake again.

I know how busy you are. You may think you don’t have time to put new processes into your system, or take lessons to learn how. That’s why I’ve made this proven system easy to follow, and easy to put into action. For some reason, we make things more complicated than they need to be. In actuality, some of the simplest methods are often the best. Looking at this from another perspective, if you don’t record your processes, your business won’t improve. And if you do, it will. It’s that simple.

“Can you imagine a democracy not writing down its constitution?”

What you’ll discover in the first four sessions of the Scientific Remodeling System:

Scientific Remodeling System Sales Module

Sales is the first module – four sessions that demonstrate innovative sales techniques, with actual phone scripts and real-life how-to’s showing you what to do and say, starting at the first phone call you receive from a prospective client, right down to presenting the proposal to them in their home or in your office.

Session 1 – What to do on First Contact

  • Are you a salesperson?
  • The definition of “Sell”
  • What not to do when selling
  • Consulting vs. Selling
  • Do you have the right mindset to sell?
  • 5 steps to successful selling
  • First Contact
    • ​​How to answer the phone
    • How to gather additional information from your new lead
    • Why use the term “Initial Consultation”?
    • Meeting a prospective client at your office vs.
    • Meeting a prospective client at their home 

Session 2 – Preparing for the Initial Consultation

  • Setting expectations
    • Preparing your prospective client for the initial consultation
    • Setting the ground rules for the meeting
    • The phone script
    • Analyzing the phone script
    • Using the right keywords every time
    • Disclaimer for the rough estimate
    • Empathy – it’s all about them

*Session 3 – The initial Consultation

  • The Initial Consultation
    • Qualifying your leads
    • Using your time wisely
      • How not to chase every lead
      • Working smarter, not longer
    • Should you visit them at your office or at their home?
    • How to price a job without looking at it
    • How using office visits can save you 10-30 hours EACH week
    • What it would be like if the tables were turned?
    • The tide is shifting for remodelers
    • Meeting the prospective client at their home
      • 9 rules to abide by if you visit the prospective client at their home
    • Meeting the prospective client at your office
      • 4 key points of the meeting
      • Tips to giving a better SWAG

Session 4 – Proposal Presentation and the PCC

  • Presenting the proposal
    • Ways to communicate with your prospective client
    • 2 ways to present the quote
    • After the proposal is written…
    • The presentation sequence
    • What to do after they sign
    • The importance of the Pre-Construction Conference (PCC)
    • How to conduct the PCC
    • Other ways to use the PCC

*Click here to listen or read an excerpt from Session 3.

Selling is something you may enjoy or not. But somebody has to sell your products or you are dead in the water. To sell well, you have to enjoy people and you have to be able to read them. It took a long time to get to the point where I could confidently tell people that their kitchen was going to cost $95,000 and make them delighted that we could build it for them. Or sell bathrooms for $40,000, and have them pay the additional amount for the design and estimate. I can guarantee you it didn’t happen overnight. But once you get the hang of it, and develop the right mindset, you’ll understand what I mean.

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[All the Scientific Remodeling System sessions can be instantly downloaded in PDF format and Audio format (mp3’s). Now you can listen to the lessons over and over again on your own time]

Want to increase your profit margins?

Scientific Remodeling System Production  Module

What would the last twelve months look like if you made a 33% margin? If you sold 1 million dollars of projects, and made $333,000 in gross profits? Would that help pay the bills? Well, it’s entirely possible, if you implement the right processes.

In the second module, Production, you’ll be introduced to a simple way to always have a positive cash flow. 

We have used the ‘Getting Paid 100% of the Time’ payment schedule on our last two sizable projects. Really like it. No problem getting a check each week from clients….really helps cash flow .” KSD and AJC – DunCora Construction Service

A positive cash flow is a wonderful thing.  So why is it so hard?  Why is the customer always ahead?  It shouldn’t be that way. You aren’t a bank. Why should they build their project with your money? Sometimes it takes a ‘kick to the head’ before you make changes.

“I got a pretty swift kick from a conniving client years ago, and I lost quite a bit of  money. I was determined that this would never happen again. I made changes and created a positive cash flow from then on. I used this method for 25 years, and I get paid everything I’m owed, every time.”

The Scientific Remodeling System shows you how to make a few simple changes and eliminate that problem completely.

Once you get the cash flow running smoothly (Session 8), you can start working on your crew efficiency, job site processes, and customer satisfaction. You can focus on building jobs that have almost no call backs. As you make a process for every part of your business, you’re going to see positive results. It is almost like putting your business on cruise control. Just remember, cruise control doesn’t drive the car, it just makes driving easier.

What you’ll find in the Production Module of the Scientific Remodeling System:

Session 5 – Pre-job Checklist, Employee Handbook & 1st Day Checklist

  • Pre-startup checklist
  • Permits
  • Accepting the hand-off from Sales
  • How to set up a unique filing system
  • How to make an employee handbook the easy way
  • Why you need an employee handbook
  • What to expect from your employees
  • Distributing the employee handbook
  • Regulations for the trades and material providers
  • Why you need regulations
  • How to write a Subcontractor Agreement document
  • Enforcement of regulations
  • Creating a timeline or project schedule
  • Methods to create a timeline or schedule
  • How to have an effective Pre-Construction Conference
  • First day on the job checklist
  • Communication center
  • Familiarizing others with the project

*Session 6 – Communication

  • Communication defined
  • The secret to being a successful communicator
  • 4 learning styles you must have to be an effective communicator
  • Why we need to communicate
  • Mediums we use to communicate
  • Communication techniques
  • How to be more effective
  • Communicating with message boards
  • Communicating with email
  • Communicating with a project schedule
  • Project Management Programs
    • Why use one
    • What is a project management program?
    • How to use it
    • What will happen if you use a project management program?

Session 7 – Project Management Programs

  • Project management programs will…
    • Help you organize your thoughts
    • Communicate what you want done
    • Track your progress
    • Archive your projects
  • What are project schedules?
  • Various methods to create a project schedule
  • How use of a project management program affects your business
  • Examples of project management programs
    • Basecamp
    • TeamWork Project Manager
      • Video 1- An overview of Teamwork Project Manager
      • Video 2 – Setting up Teamwork Project Manager
      • Video 3 – Using Teamwork Project Manager notifications
  • Gantt Charts explained

Session 8 – Gantt Charts And Getting Paid

  • Gantt Charts continued
    • An overview of Gantto – a project scheduler program
    • Video 1 – An overview of an online Gantt chart program
    • Video 2 – Setting up a project in Gantto
  • Getting paid 100% every time
  • Understanding your overhead
  • Charging the markup you deserve
    • Comfortable margins pave the way to better customer service
  • 3 typical payment schedule models
  • A 4th model
  • Studying the payment schedule write-up
  • Why a fixed single price works
  • How the simplicity of the 4th model works in your best interest
  • How to calculate a payment schedule – the formula
  • Why this method works – every time
  • 2 mistakes that should never happen to you
  • Allowances
    • Analysis of an allowance write-up
    • Disclosing your “mark-up” in the write-up
    • How being too high or too low on your allowance estimates can hurt you
    • Explaining your allowance model to your clients
  • Job costing
    • Why job costing is essential
    • How to use your job costing data
    • The multiple benefits of job costing
    • Brief explanation of unit costing
    • Setting up categories
    • Analyzing your job costing by remodeling type
    • Using your data in your sales and SWAG’s

*Click here to listen or read an excerpt from Session 6.

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Here’s what one of our clients said about our processes concerning one of our most ambitious endeavors – a third story addition we built in 21 calendar days with a 12/12 cathedral ceiling and large Andersen windows:

“The expense of each phase was outlined and regular payment dates designated. We knew the cost of everything before anything was done. We accepted.

From that moment on I had the opportunity to observe coordination, the likes of which I have never seen.  Lumber and supplies arrived when they were supposed to. Carpenters came, electricians came, roofers came, and at the end, the painters came.  All arrived at the precise moment in which their services were required.

Accomplishment alone was not the only glory. It seems to me that it was the diplomatic way in which Mr. Soules approached the craftsmen that brought forth from them the enthusiastic effort that resulted in this wonderful completion. Everything about this room was a joy to us and our profound thanks go out to Randall Soules.”  J. H.

I took this project on without a firm guarantee we could finish within their timeline. I just said that we would do our best to make it happen. You might say that the project was the ‘perfect storm’. Everything just fell into place. Finding the windows and getting them delivered in that amount of time was in itself a wonder. Everyone bought into the project and we worked 7 days a week for three weeks. Their grandchildren, for whom the room was built, arrived at 4 p.m. on the 21st day, as we walked out from laying the custom carpet and finishing the last minute details. That was one happy customer! We continued to work for them for over 15 years. And without good processes in place, we would have barely gotten through the design, proposal presentation, and material orders, in 21 days.

Who will benefit from these lessons?

You will if…

  • You’d like to take your existing remodeling company to the next level
  • You’re thinking of starting a remodeling company
  • You are not making the profits you think you should be making
  • You are working long hours with not much to show for it
  • You are in “maintenance mode” (same ol’, same ol’) and need to get out of the rut
  • You want to improve the way you sell, run your jobs, and market your business
  • You want to sell your remodeling company and need to create a system to run your company
  • You are planning to retire or pass your remodeling company on to your children
  • You are planning to create a franchise based on your remodeling business

 This amazing system will transform your business! Using this system and its simple strategies can take your business to the next level. And you can try it out with absolutely zero risk.

The Scientific Remodeling System is made up of three modules. The first four sessions explain the Sales processes, the next four go over Production methods, and the final four deal with Marketing. As you start to use the information in each one of these sessions, you’ll start to see immediate results. You’ll see that systems don’t have to be complicated to work. In fact, they work because they are simple. But they don’t work at all if you don’t put your new-found knowledge to work. So, at the end of each session there are several suggestions that will help you put these processes in place. As you customize these processes to work in your company, your job will become a lot easier, and those that you work for and with will be much happier.

Here’s an observation of a Scientific Remodeling System user: 

“Each section [of the 3rd Session] was clear, concise, to the point, and added great tips along the way…The time saving tips were great and it is easy to see why small business owners never have enough hours in a week.  I like your “Hammering The Point Home” points, because they are true and our time is valuable.  Great job and so far the most valuable session yet.”  H. B.

Systems are at the heart of every successful remodeling company.  I’m sure you have some systems that you are already using.  Maybe you could improve these systems.  And add some new ones.  Would you like to eliminate most of the common problems that remodelers have?  Well, you can, by following the examples laid out in the Scientific Remodeling System. Once you put these processes into action, your efforts will be used over and over again, and with the expected results.

I always look to the system for a solution. If a challenge arises I use a system correction before I look for a people correction. I use a system solution in my innovation rather than a people solution. I follow the system exactly until a new system is introduced. I suggest system improvements at my first opportunity.”  Brad Sugars, Action COACH’s 14 points of Culture

I urge you to give these sessions a try. You’ll get a total of twelve sessions, in both PDF format and Audio format (mp3). And you can try these risk free.  When you purchase the Scientific Remodeling System, you’ll get immediate access to all 12 sessions, as well as all the Premium downloads and videos.

I am so confident that this system will improve your company’s bottom line, and help put your company on “cruise control”, I will personally guarantee a full refund for a period of 90 days. I can’t make it any easier for you to see for yourself how this system will improve your company and free up some of your valuable time. And if you aren’t convinced that these lessons brought added value to your company, I’ll refund your money and you can keep all the sessions and any downloaded bonuses. That’s how confident I am that these lessons will truly benefit you and your company and give you a huge ROI.

I won’t say it’s a no-brainer,
but I will say that if you are really thinking, and would like to make some positive changes in your business, now’s the time to act, and the Scientific Remodeling System is going to help you reach your goals.

What our process meant to one our many satisfied clients

“He listened to our needs and concerns and then very capably proceeded to walk me through what he had heard me say to him. Several days later he returned with a design and sat with my husband and me explaining to us the options available in plumbing fixtures and lighting, taking into consideration the budget within which we had given him to work.

The work was completed on a timely basis and within budget. His concern for his customers did not end when he received the last payment. He has continued to follow-up with us to make sure that we remain pleased with the quality of workmanship.”
  P. and R. P.

Sign up today.  You’ll get full access to the course within a few minutes.  You’ll discover how to be a better salesperson, become more aware of what you are really selling to the customer (hint – it’s not necessarily the project), what the prospective client is really looking for, how to develop the right mindset to sell at the right price, and a detailed discussion about what you should do when your prospective client first contacts you.

“I’ve known Randall for many years… Early in our friendship I noticed he had a process or a system for everything in his business. He was extremely successful and never seemed to be scrambling like I felt I did at times. I began to implement his system in my own business and ran a successful, much smoother remodeling business for many years using his methods.” D.H. – Hawke’s Home Improvement


If you’re still not convinced that this is an amazing value, read on…

Scientific Remodeling System Marketing  Module

What you’ll find in the Marketing Module of the Scientific Remodeling System:


Session 9 – 21 Ways To Market Your Company

  • Why is marketing necessary?
  • What is marketing?
  • The need to analyze your marketing efforts
  • Marketing methods
  • The results of good marketing
  • 21 Cost Effective Ways to Market Your Remodeling Business
  • Implementing your marketing methods

Session 10 – Marketing Online

  • Why it’s important to have an online presence
  • 24 good reasons to have an online presence
  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Building your own website – advantages and disadvantages
    • Choosing a domain
      • Is one domain enough?
    • Choosing a host
      • What to look for in a host and why
    • Choosing a platform or program to build your site on
  • Is WordPress a good choice?
  • Other ways to have an online presence
    • Get social
      • Ways to use Facebook
      • Ways to use Linkedin
      • Ways to use Twitter
      • Ways to use Pinterest
    • To blog or not to blog – it’s not a question anymore
      • How search engines view blogs
    • Looking ahead at the future of online technology
      • The hottest trends in marketing today
      • One medium that you can’t afford to ignore
    • Evaluating your website – Warning: this may be painful
    • Are you delivering what your viewer is searching for
    • Don’t let your ego be your designer
    • 12 things you should avoid doing on your website
  • Other ways to use your website
    • Promotions
    • Current events
    • Building an email list
    • Using an autoresponder

Session 11 – The Psychology And Implementation Of Marketing

  • The psychology of marketing
  • 40 emotional drivers that cause us to act
  • The 4 divisions of the emotional drivers
  • Shifting your marketing strategies as circumstances change
  • Major changes in circumstances
  • The Hierarchy of Needs
  • The five levels of needs
  • Humanistic Psychology
    • The need for self actualization
    • Understanding your target demographics to customize your marketing
    • What influences your prospective client to buy
    • Thinking in terms of needs and niches
    • Using the Hierarchy of Needs in your marketing
  • Why choose a niche?
    • 5 steps to develop a marketing strategy
    • How to create a USP (unique selling proposition)
    • What is positioning?
    • How should you deliver your message now that you have one?
    • 5 key steps to good advertising
    • Your marketing To-do list
    • Setting a marketing budget
    • Marketing metrics
      • The components of your marketing metrics
      • Analyzing your results
      • How to use the downloaded Marketing Metrics spreadsheet

Session 12 – Marketing Budgets and Elevator Pitch

  • Marketing budget continued
    • Components of a marketing budget
    • Different ways to arrive at your marketing budget
    • Why ‘percentage of gross sales’ doesn’t always work as a budget amount
  • 5 steps to creating the perfect elevator pitch
    • Examples of elevator pitches
    • An optional method to create an elevator pitch
    • The objective of an elevator pitch
  • Closing arguments about marketing
    • Marketing is about the other person
    • You must be able to “translate” what you are selling
    • Remember to be a publisher
  • A full summary of Sessions 1-12

What You’ll master when you join the Scientific Remodeling System:

  • Precisely what to say when you make your first appointment
  • How to present a proposal with the highest probability of closing the contract
  • Why a Pre-Construction Conference is a must, and how to run one
  • Simplifying getting quotes from your trades and vendors
  • How to effectively communicate with your trades, vendors, customers and staff
  • How to make the first day of a project a perfect day
  • How to protect yourself from possible litigation
  • How to keep your customers happy from beginning to end
  • How to market your company
  • Low cost ways to sell your product
  • Turn an ordinary website into a 24 hour super sales machine
  • Why blogging is one of the most important tasks today
  • Using software and apps that really make you stand out
  • Leveraging technology in today’s remodeling market
  • Scripts, forms and templates throughout the course that will streamline your business
  • And much, much more…

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Just ONE of these valuable tips put to good use will easily pay for the entire course.  Isn’t it time to step above the competition and be the remarkable company that you have always wanted to be?

Here’s what you’ll get:

You’ll immediately get Sessions 1-12, so you can start using the Scientific Remodeling System methods right away.

You’ll get access to all the Premium Member downloads as you progress through the course. 

You’ll have access to any new downloads as they are added, including instructional videos, process examples, templates, flow charts, mind maps, etc. 

You’ll be able to access all 12 sessions, and any new material that’s added, any time you like, from now on. 

In the Sales module you’ll find:

  • Session 1 – What to do on First Contact
  • Session 2 – Preparing for the Initial Consultation
  • Session 3 – The initial Consultation
  • Session 4 – Proposal Presentation and the PCC

In the Production module you’ll find:

  • Session 5 – Pre-job Checklist, Employee Handbook & 1st Day Checklist
  • Session 6 – Communication
  • Session 7 – Project Management Programs
  • Session 8 – Gantt Charts And Getting Paid

And finally, in the Marketing module you’ll find:

  • Session 9 – 21 Ways To Market Your Company
  • Session 10 – Marketing Online
  • Session 11 – The Psychology And Implementation Of Marketing
  • Session 12 – Marketing Budgets and Elevator Pitch

All this for a one time payment of  $597 – an unbeatable value. And this comes with a money-back guarantee. If you don’t see the value of this course, or don’t want to continue for any other reason whatsoever, just send an email to within 90 days of your purchase, and you’ll get every penny of your money back. Guaranteed! And you can keep all 12 Sessions and the bonus downloads.

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Take a bold step and press the Buy Now button and get started.  No better time to start than today.  And remember, you can try this risk free for 90 days. Plenty of time to explore and implement the Scientific Remodeling System.  Cancel within that time period and I’ll refund every penny of your money.  And you can keep all the sessions, and the bonus material, for free.

All the sessions are delivered in PDF and Audio format, so you can read or listen to them on any device, including your phone or tablet. I can’t make it any easier and more risk free than that.  Click the Buy Now button.

Wishing you the best of fortune in everything you do, Randall

Randall S. Soules
Coach, Adviser, and Educator
Scientific Remodeling System
Ardis-Soules, Inc.

PS Don’t forget my insane money back offer and guarantee. If you cancel within 90 days of your purchase, you can keep all of the sessions you’ve received, and all of the bonus material.

PPS Sales are made through PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, no problem.  PayPal accepts your credit card too. If you do have a PayPal account, then you know how easy it is to use.

PPPS If you pay with a credit card rather than using a PayPal account, when the transaction is over, click the Back to Ardis-Soules, Inc. link on the page to login to your lessons. If you are using PayPal it will redirect you to your first session automatically.

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