visible_builder_on_remodeling_business_blueprintRandall & David talk with Dennis Schaefer of Visible Builder about why social media is so important to your remodeling business, what it can do for you, and how best to use it to increase your leads and sales.

In this week’s podcast episode:

01:36 Dennis Schafer of Visible Builder joins Remodeling Business Blueprint Today
03:40 You’re already a part of social media, but you need your own voice
03:50 Dennis has sawdust in his blood
05:00 The brutal truth about being a remodeler
06:25 Why Dennis create Visible Builder
07:01 The new generation of marketing
08:14 What is a “like”?
09:10 How to stay relevant in a digital world
10:29 Has social media peaked?
11:05 What social platform is the best for remodelers?
12:25 What does Visible Builder do and how does it work?
15:47 Social media’s value in the future of your company
17:15 How people do their research today
18:50 Visible Builder testimonial
19:31 What about businesses with no current social footprint
20:14 Which social platforms should you be seen on?
22:04 Dennis’ comments on the value of social profiles
24:21 It used to be the Yellow Pages
25:03 The importance of testimonials
26:21 This week’s Person of Interest
28:19 App of the week
31:11 How to contact Dennis Schaefer

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Episode Person of Interest (POI) is Gordon Cormack of Cormack Construction Management, a Madison, New Hampshire. based construction management firm.


App of the week: Screens