In this episode, Randall and David talk about narrowing your market to generate higher profits as well as spend less on marketing.

In this week’s podcast episode:

05:17 RBB-016 Episode introduction
06:00 The three dimensions of every remodeling business
06:47 What does a broad market do
08:57 You can’t specialize with a broad market
10:28 What are some of the niche markets
18:17 One of the fastest growing specialties
20:06 Why a narrow market might work for you
21:39 Equipment and tooling differences
22:45 Marketing differences with a narrow niche
24:25 Selling a niche product
25:05 What your customers and prospects want
26:09 Sales materials
26:50 Method to reduce call backs
29:00 Steps to narrow your niche
30:29 Niche markets can be profitable
31:20 Person Of Interest (POI)
34:16 App of the week
36:40 Wrap up

Episode Person of Interest (POI) is Steve Shinn of Tri-Lite Builders and Homework Remodels of Phoenix Arizona.


– Tri-Lite Builders
– App of the week – Pacer